Machine Learning Advanced

Machine Learning with Python

For Advanced Learners



A well designed course for novice level to step into the world of computing.The course mainly focuses on:
● Applying logical thinking skills to solve computational problems.
● Understanding object-oriented programming terminologies and conventions.
● Applying data handling and visualization techniques to work on machine learning.
● Understanding of machine learning techniques





This course is designed for  intermediate level(NFQ level 6) learners only and delivered Virtual Classroom environments.

In addition to classes,course material/handouts will be accessible to students for further study either as hard copy (charge may apply) and/or online (Virtuline Hub).

A continuous assessment approach will be followed with daily assignments (20% ),mid-term quiz (20% ) and a project task (60% ).

MODULES (Part 2)


● Object Orientated Programming: Familiarising with definitions and concepts.

● LogicalThinking,Logical Operation: How to write codes.

● Conditions,Loops: Writing codes with loops and conditions.

● Python Data structure: Working with different data structure.

● Function Calling: Working with multiple function.

● Data Set Handling and Visualization: Learn to install new libraries and plot data.

● Data Pre-processing: Data preparation to use machine learning.

● Classification Problems: Understanding classification algorithms.

● Regression Problems:Understanding regression algorithms.

● Project Discussion: Understanding classification algorithms.



● Understanding of Machine Learning and Python.
● Logical thinking and
● Programming skills.



● Gain strong foundation on machine learning.
● Advance knowledge and skills in python coding.
● Enter high demand IT Jobs market as Python developer.



● Opportunity to practice programming in areas of special interest.
● Improve coding language skills while enjoying free time with leisure activities.
● Access to material posted on our school online platform.
● Support and feedback from qualified teachers.


Key Facts

● Course duration: 10 weeks (20 hours taught, 10 hours assignments; 60 hours self-directed learning, and 30 hours final project).

● Entry level: Open to all.

● Lesson time: 2 hours per lecture and 1 hour assignment per week.

● Size of the class: 25 in a Virtual Classroom .

● Course timetable:Wednesday Evening and Sunday Morning.

●Course structure: One day per week and one day per weekend.

Course Fees

Course Name Course Fee
Machine Learning with Python For Advanced Learners