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General English


The General English course has been specifically designed to help you hone and develop your English speaking skills needed for everyday life. The General English course also gets you qualified, providing you with a qualification in a level 4 NFQ Ireland equivalent, depending upon your ability. With dynamic activities, expert guidance, and continuous feedback, our students are guaranteed to make quick and steady progress. Our senior lectures are highly qualified and trained, and can teach students at any level, so no matter if you are a beginner, novice or advanced speaker this is the course for you. Take our course from the classroom or anywhere (Virtual) in the world. With virtual learning options as well as both morning and evening classes available, our course can work to your schedule.

Our classes prioritise a hands-on approach which allows you to practice and improve your fluency from day one. We focus on the practical side with a taskbased approach to learning. This allows you to learn up to date topics that will apply to any real-life situation. If you want a practical English course that will: give you a qualification, prepare you for the real world, and give you the ability to speak both confidently and fluently, apply today and don’t delay.




Students will have the option to join a class based on their own ability (intermediate or advanced).

You will also be able to choose the format in which you learn as the course is delivered as virtually (live stream interactive online classes).

Course materials will be given to provide students with further study options. These will be found online (Virtuline Hub) or will be given as hard copies (charges may apply).

The lessons will include practical exercises and assessments. Students will have different types of lesson plans to choose from including: intensive (over two weeks), standard (over four weeks).

MODULES (Part 1)


Beginner level (Basic user)

● understanding language input related to familiar subjects.

● employing frequently used and everyday expressions.

● communicating in tasks requiring a direct exchange of information on familiar matters.

● describing in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.



This course aims to develop the practical skills you will need to expertly communicate in the English-speaking workplace. You will learn: reading, listening, speech and writing skills.

Reading: Students will learn to

● Understand a variety of contemporary everyday business topics.

● Read and condense large pieces of information .

● Comprehend large pieces of information in a short amount of time .

Listening: Students will learn to

● Understand discussions on various topics and identify different speakers’ viewpoints.

● Follow fast-paced conversations.

● Comprehend specific pieces of information.

Speaking: Students will learn to

● Present ideas and opinions on a variety of various topics.

● Engage in conversation and take an active part in discussions on various topics.

● Articulate ideas and opinions in a coherent manner.

Writing: Students will learn to

● Write detailed descriptions on various topics.

● Write in a different tone depending on the intended audience.

● Write using coherent viewpoints with a beginning, middle and end.

Students will get the opportunity to improve their overall grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as this course also provides lessons in these areas:

● Grammar: Students will learn how to properly structure sentences.

● Pronunciation: Students will be provided with helpful hints and tips to help them sound more natural.

● Vocabulary: Students will broaden their vocabulary range with lessons focused on: lexical sets, collocations and functional phrases commonly used in business settings.



Understanding and speaking English can empower students and help them achieve their professional and personal goals, such as:
● pursuing new career opportunities worldwide.
● increasing chances of professional success and improving job prospects.
● communicating with people from all over the world and exploring their cultures.



● Opportunity to practice language in areas of special interest.
● Improve language skills while enjoying free time with leisure activities.
● Exposure to authentic language input.
● Access to material posted on our school online platform.
● Support and feedback from qualified teachers.

Key Facts

● Course duration: 60 hours (Standard: 4 weeks; Intensive: 2 weeks; and weekend: 10 weeks).

● Entry Level: Beginner.

● Lesson Duration: 3 hours per lecture.

● Size of the class: up to 21 students at a live stream interactive online class (Virtual).

25 in a Virtual Classroom Course Timetable:
● Standard Course: Monday to Friday morning, afternoon, or evening,
● Intensive Course: : Monday to Friday morning and afternoon
● Weekend Course: Weekend morning

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Course Fees

Course Name Course Shift Course Fee
General English For Beginners Standard Monday to Friday
General English For Beginners Standard Monday to Friday
General English For Beginners Standard Monday to Friday
General English For Beginners Intensive Monday to Friday
General English For Beginners Intensive Monday to Friday
General English For Beginners Weekends
Weekends Morning